Thursday, July 9, 2009

The day full of Firsts...

Today was a day of many firsts for Jacob. We started out with Jacob's first train ride in Japan. We were on our way to the free zoo in Yokohama. Jacob loved the train and loved staring at people. He gets that from mommy. haha then after getting off the train we hiked about a mile all UP HILL. I almost died cause I was pushing the stroller and it was sooooo humid and hot! We finally get there and Jacob went to his first zoo. He was sleeping when I got there and half way threw the zoo. Poor guy must have been tuckered out from all the hill walking. lol We saw tiger, Lions and bears, Oh my! And Giraffes, a poor Camel, monkeys, two fox, birds and more. It was so cool for a free zoo. Then on the way home Jacob got his first bug bite on him foot. I almost freaked out. I know stupid, but I was freaking out cause we were in Japanland and I was scared he was going to have a reaction and i did not know where to take him. Guess that is what a cell phone is for. The police number is easy to remember cause its almost like the american one. Here its 119. But little stinker turned out to be fine. He had a busy day and was sleeping again by the time we got home. He said that he wants to go back with his daddy but daddy has to push his butt up the hills this time. Here are the pics from today.

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