Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Origami Night with the Girls...

The girls and I decided to do something productive tonight. Our friend Kayoko showed me, Amy and Tya how to fold origami paper. We had a blast doing it. We made lots of stuff like birds, flowers and fake cigs. We love getting together and being silly. Check out our photos.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Tya and I went to see a sumo tournament today. We decided to walk to the location cause we were too scared to take the bus and the cabs are super expensive. We finally arrived after a 30 min. walk. This is the furthest I have walked away from base since I have been here in Japan. We had a great time laughing at all the sumo guys. They are huge but some how there bodies are still really muscular. We were too scared to ask for a picture with one of the sumo guys until we saw another American woman taking a picture with them. We then walked up to her and asked if she would take our picture. The sumo men are super scary! They just look so mean and hateful. They always have that, "I'll kick you butt" look on there faces.
So, I hope everyone enjoys the pictures that we were scared to death to get.

This was a MUST DO AGAIN!

video video

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I drove off base...

I did it! I drove to my friends house which is about 15 mins away from the base. I have to say it made me nervous. It is really hard to pay attention to everything. The traffic lights blend in with the street lanterns and the stop signs are a triangle shape. Oh yeah, then the people walking and crossing the street and MOPEDS! It gives you that feeling like you are going to be ran off the road unexpectedly. I did survive and will venture out again. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New Car!

On April 1st Dave and I got our first and hopefully our only car here in Japan. It is a 1993 Mitsubishi RVR. It does not do so well going up hill and only rattles a little. But for 400.00 you can't beat it. Here, this car is popular no matter how rusty it is. I know...hard to believe! As soon as I purchased and was on my way home, I ran my first stop sign. They are not octagon here, instead they are triangle and have japanese kanji written on them. Luckily, no police were around. Dave still has not gone to get his license yet. I went to the movies last night with a few friends and we drove like dorks when it was only a couple of football fields away. Here are a few pictures.

Japan's crazy roads...

Driving around in town is crazy. I have not mastered it yet but as a passenger it can be very nerve racking. The people on mopeds her have a death wish I think. They are all over the road! In the middle, on both sides, where ever they want. Here are a few pictures...