Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mom to Japan

Mom arrived in Japan on 08 March. I flew from the ship to Haneda airport in Tokyo and had to pick her up at Narita airport. It was a 2-3 hour trip between airports, but overall it was a good break from being on the ship. Once at the airport, I notieced several television cameras and people dressed in black coats with ear buds and microphones hidden in their jackets. After about 10 minutes, out walks Tom Cruise and Kattie Holmes with their new child!! Weird what life turns up sometimes. I called Susan and the first thing she said was "HANG UP and TAKE PICTURES!!". None of the pictures I took came out, but it was still an interesting spin to the day.

After getting mom from the airport, we transited from Tokyo to Yokosuka via bus and have seen a bit of the city of Yoko. Below are the pictues from her camera. Hope you enjoy and will update when we can.


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