Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 2008...

So today is Christmas eve and Dave and I celebrated Christmas today because he has duty tomorrow. We started our day off by going to my 28 week doctors appointment. After the appointment I had to have my routine glucose screening which took an hour before I could get my blood drawn. I have gained a total of 13 pounds since I got pregnant (YAY). So after sitting and waiting we made our way home and started breakfast. I was a grumpy butt until I ate due to my sugar being low and fasting in the morning. We had sausage biscuits, coffee and orange juice. Then YAY present time!!! As we ate our food we opened gifts from one another. Dave was excited to get a Japanese fishing pole, socks, bike helmet, candy, shoes ( for Jacob ), a movie and more candy. I got and new purse (YAY), perfume (Clinique Happy and Chanel's Chance), Clinique lip stick and lip gloss, my favorite face washing stuff from Clinique and CANDY. Oh yeah and we also got a TV and a new vaccum on black Friday. This is the scoop on Dave shopping for me: We have a friend that works at the Clinique counter at the store on base. So he tells me later that he walked in there and went straight to her and said, "Help me cause I have not clue what to get my wife!" haha I thought it was really funny when he told me about it cause I could not figure out how in the world he knew what to get me in there. Thanks Connie :)

We spent the next part of the morning eating candy and then feel asleep. It is 3pm and now that we are up from our nap we are going to do some things here around the house and Dave is going to get ready for tomorrows work day.

This Christmas has to go down as the saddest Christmas ever due to us not having family around. We missed everyone so much and wished that you all could have been here to make our holidays brighter.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and have a Happy New Year! Miss you all. Here are a few photos in front of our tree that were taken by yours truly.

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