Monday, September 29, 2008

Family and Friends day cruise....

This past Saturday Dave's ship had a family and friends day cruise. Aboard the USS Stethem, we had the most perfect day for a cruise out in Tokyo bay. Since there is not family here to invite out I decided to invite my Japanese friend Kayoko to come along. She was so excited to come with us. Her dad was a Captain in the Japanese navy and is now retired. We had a great time letting Dave show us around the ship that he calls home. We started off with breakfast at 7am. I was the only one that ate. I had pancakes, ham and a hash brown. I was starving by the time I got to the ship. Kayoko was afraid to eat case she was scared that she would get sick from the motion of the seas. Then lunch was a cookout on the flight deck of the ship. This was pretty yummy! Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, mac and cheese, beans, chips,and pasta salad. Oh and Cookies, LOTS of cookies! We cruised past Yokohama and Tokyo and then turned around and went back past the base and out of the bay. There we were able to get up to full speed. Man, that ship can boogie! We had an overcast day all day and even got chilly later in the evening on our way back in to port. Dave was pretty happy to get off the ship due to him just getting back from a three week deployment the day before. Overall we had such a great time and got to experience what Dave's day must be like for weeks at a time. Here are some pictures of our cruise, little kids dressing up as fire fighters and air traffic controllers, playing with guns, the city of Yokohama from a distance and the newest member the USS George Washington the first nuclear air craft carrier here in Yokosuka. The people here are not too happy with it being here.

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