Sunday, April 6, 2008


Tya and I went to see a sumo tournament today. We decided to walk to the location cause we were too scared to take the bus and the cabs are super expensive. We finally arrived after a 30 min. walk. This is the furthest I have walked away from base since I have been here in Japan. We had a great time laughing at all the sumo guys. They are huge but some how there bodies are still really muscular. We were too scared to ask for a picture with one of the sumo guys until we saw another American woman taking a picture with them. We then walked up to her and asked if she would take our picture. The sumo men are super scary! They just look so mean and hateful. They always have that, "I'll kick you butt" look on there faces.
So, I hope everyone enjoys the pictures that we were scared to death to get.

This was a MUST DO AGAIN!

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