Friday, January 25, 2008

First few days in Japan...

We have offically been in Japan for 2 days now. From Seattle, WA we had a 12 hour flight to Yokoda, AFB. Then had to take what should have been a 2 hour but ended up a 3 hour bus ride to Yokosuka. Our driver missed his exit and we had to take a detour. I give the guy credit because we had to go through some toll roads and needed directions. He did a great job even with the language barrier. We were so tired and just wanted to sleep once we got to the base but, Dave had to check in to the ship. I was able to walk on his ship ( USS Stethem DDG 63) and met the captain and many other Jr. officers. It was a huge ship. Much larger than I was expecting. We finally got to leave the ship and go to our temporary living area (the Navy Lodge). As soon as I walked in to the room I dropped everything to call home and tell everyone that I got here. It was about 7:30 am in Raleigh, NC and 9:30 pm in Japan.
It is Saturday and our 2nd full day here. We got up this am and went for a walk on base. It's huge too! Lots of walking. We could have used the bus system but it's a little too late now. Here are a few picture of our walk today. We saw swords, strange drink machines and possible future car. The picture of the clocks are showing the time that we arrived and checked in to the navy lodge on the 25th. The left clock is is our time and the far right clock is eastern time.

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